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exceptional dental solutions

Dr. Chapman showing her patient an Intraoral scanner

leading technology

intraoral scanner

The TRIOS scanner allows our team to capture high definition digital video and images of your teeth without the mess of traditional impressions. Patients enjoy a more comfortable, convenient and better experience resulting in more precise modeling.

ITero 5D Intraoral Scanner

The Itero 5D is extremely versatile.  It allows our team to capture 3D digital impressions without the mess of traditional impressions.  It can also help detect early cavities between the teeth before an x-ray can.  We use it in our virtual implant planning, Invisalign cases, and treatment simulation to help patients see potential results prior to treatment.

intraoral camera

With real-time chairside imaging, the intraoral camera allows patients to see exactly what the dentist sees.

digital x-rays

Digital x-rays are comfortable and provide crystal clear images with less radiation exposure.

3D Cone Beam Imaging

Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) captures radiography in 3D for increased diagnostic abilities and provides essential imaging intelligence for meticulous treatment planning.

soft tissue diode laser

Soft tissue laser technology helps us efficiently recontour gum tissue, perform frenectomies, remove benign growths, and obtain more ideal crown margins with faster recovery times.

superior dental implants

lifetime tooth replacement with dental implants

Whether you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth, Dr. Chapman’s advanced dental implant expertise offers a permanent and natural looking tooth replacement solution.

Dr. Chapman working on a set of mock teeth

we deliver implants differently


We only use fully guided implant surgery


We only use the highest level of parts and materials


Our implant procedures are engineered for success

how it works

Fully guided dental implant surgeries offer consistently better outcomes and higher levels of safety.


The implant surgery is planned and developed virtually using 3D technology to maximize benefits and minimize risk.


A custom surgical guide allows the implant to be placed exactly according to that ideal plan.

The most important factor to an implant’s success is its location in the bone. An improperly planned or poorly placed implant can lead to bone loss, broken implant parts, or possible infection and the need to remove the implant years after the implant surgery.

fully guided dental implant surgery

Fully guided dental implant surgeries offer consistently better outcomes and higher levels of safety.


A 3D image is taken of your jaws and a digital model scan is taken of your teeth.


Your scans are uploaded into an implant planning technology where the ideal implant size, length, location, and angulation are determined. The digital plan avoids all vital structures like sinuses, nerves, and adjacent teeth while maximizing bone support for the dental implant.


A custom surgical guide is then 3D printed for your case.


During surgery, Dr. Chapman uses the surgical guide to place the implant precisely according to the plan within 0.2mm. Even in the hands of the most skilled surgeon, this level of consistent accuracy is not possible without the guide.


During dental implant surgery, the implant has been planned to avoid vital structures and adjacent teeth. Following the surgery, the implant’s location has afforded the best chance to reduce short-term and long-term complications.


Implant surgery is usually performed in less than an hour with local anesthesia. Patients are continually surprised at the ease and comfort both during and after surgery because of minimal bleeding and easily managed post-operative pain.


Your dental implant is an investment, and like most investments, it should be planned with the future in mind. Our implants are precisely planned and placed to withstand the forces in the mouth over time.

Dr. Chapman showing a patient mock teeth with invisalign

cosmetic & restorative solutions

cosmetic smile makeover

From a complimentary assessment to a complete smile makeover, we help you achieve your best smile.

professional teeth whitening

Our professional whitening treatment uses Kor Whitening Gel, the most effective product on the market. The results are remarkable from brightening the average smile to improving deep-set heavy staining from tetracycline.

composite bonding

Designed to match your natural tooth color, composite bonding beautifully repairs chipped teeth, reduces gaps or spaces between teeth, and hides discoloration or faded areas on the tooth’s surface.

porcelain crown

We custom design and place a crown to permanently protect a decayed, damaged, or cracked tooth.  Crowns are designed for strength and with proper care can last many years.

porcelain bridge

If you are missing teeth, we can custom fit a dental bridge to fill a space that your tooth previously occupied.

tooth replacement with dental implants

Whether you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants offer a permanent and natural looking tooth replacement solution.

porcelain veneers

The quickest way to a stunning Hollywood smile, porcelain veneers are perfectly crafted to fit your smile.


Whether you need a partial set of dentures or a complete set, our team will assess your situation, make recommendations, answer all your questions, and deliver the option you choose.


An inlay or onlay is used when a tooth has become so damaged that a standard filling would be unsuitable. Made of solid milled porcelain, they can replace whole cusps and biting surfaces of your teeth while restoring your teeth to their original toughness.

comprehensive care

prophylaxis (teeth cleaning)

A prophylaxis dental appointment provides preventive treatment to thoroughly clean the teeth. Attending your regular prophylaxis appointment will keep your mouth healthy.

tooth colored fillings

Intraoral cameras help you see what we're seeing when we identify cavities and leaking fillings. Our office places white-colored fillings to restore beauty and function.

tooth extractions

Tooth extractions involve removing a tooth due to extensive decay, disease, or trauma.

bone graft

Bone grafting can be used to preserve bone contours and volume for a future implant at the time of extraction or regain bone lost to the natural atrophy process when a tooth is missing.

dental emergencies

If you have a dental emergency, don't wait. Contact us about same-day appointments. If you’re unsure whether or not it’s an emergency, give us a call and we’ll help guide you.

oral cancer screening

During our regular checkups, we always perform an oral cancer screening to check the inside of your mouth, tongue, and neck for lumps or other abnormalities.

dental sealants

Dental sealants are applied to the chewing surface of molars to protect teeth from future cavities in difficult-to-clean tooth surfaces.

periodontal treatment

To restore healthy gums, periodontal treatment is utilized to remove tartar build-up and periodontal pathogens to prevent further bone damage.

Sedation Dentistry (Nitrous Oxide and Oral Anxiolysis)

We offer safe and comfortable relaxation options including nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral anxiolysis to ensure you can relax and rest easy during your visit.

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